The Scholarship

The Andrew Boyer Trades Scholarship is a scholarship available to young men and women who are pursuing a career in any trade profession.

East Jordan High School graduates attending a community college or trade school may apply for the scholarship.

Candidates will be asked to submit a creative entry in the field of their choice, along with their application.  The recipients will be hand picked by Andrew's family and EJHS staff.  More details to follow for the class of 2020.

The Inspiration

Andrew lived his life in a way that impacted so many people.  He prided himself in working with his hands, donating his time to anyone who needed someone to just pitch in, and inspired social change with his voice and actions.

From a young age, when Andrew began noticing social injustice, he developed a strong sense of right and wrong.  For Andrew, right meant equality, humanity, and hard work.  After high school, he continued his education in college and earned a BA in social work.  Although Andrew did have a degree, he found his true passion in masonry work and decided a college education wasn't the right path for everyone. Andrew believed there should be equal support given to all trades. 


Whether he was pouring a concrete driveway, gutting and remodeling a house, hand designing an intricate patio table, earning a grant to fund his malting operation, or taking notes in a city council meeting, Andrew worked hard.   

Valley View Farm became an integral part in Andrew's life as a toddler and continued to impact his daily life as an adult.  From milking cows with his Dad and Grandpa as a small boy, to converting the milk house into a malt house.  He loved the farm.  Growing, harvesting,  working in the field, malting, remodeling the barn...Valley View Farm was, and is, alive with Andrew's energy.


The Beer

Truly a farm to glass experience, the barley is grown at Valley View Farm and harvested by the Boyer family.  What makes our beer unique is that it is grown, malted, and brewed on the same property.  The product never leaves the farm.  Special thanks to Tom Cannon, our brewer.  He and Andrew brewed together for years, and Tom has been working over the past few months; incorporating Andrew's recipes and his own to create unique blends for the Brew Fest.